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53 winners in 1994
Sl Date Venue Horse Race Trainer Jockey  View Images  Videos
1 01/01/94 MYSORE DELACE The Mysore Durby R.R. Byramji V. Shinde
2 01/01/94 BANGALORE LITTLEOVER The Bangalore Oaks, Gr.1 R.R. Byramji P. Shroff
3 01/01/94 BANGALORE TEMPT ME The Lively Emprey Plate N.A. Ponnappa P. Shroff
4 01/01/94 BANGALORE IMPOSING The New Year Cup D.R. Byramji P. Shroff
5 07/01/94 BANGALORE NIGHT STALKER The Nilgiris Cup R.R. Byramji P. Shroff
6 14/01/94 CHENNAI MAXIMILLION The Classic South India Derby Stakes, Gr.1 D.R. Byramji P. Shroff
7 16/01/94 HYDERABAD IMPOSING The Quatab Shahi Cup D.R. Byramji Hannam
8 18/01/94 BANGALORE VICTORY ZONE The Jog Plate S. Moses P. Shroff
9 18/01/94 BANGALORE CAPE STORM The Kempegowda Cup Sardar Singh P. Shroff
10 22/01/94 MUMBAI CAPE DANCE The Maharaja Fatehsingh Rao Gaekwad Gold Cup Nirad Karanjawalla P. Shroff
11 26/01/94 BANGALORE ATMOSPHERIC The Kunigal Stud Trophy N.A. Ponnappa R. Corner
12 05/02/94 BANGALORE VICTORY ZONE The Chief Minister's Trophy S. Moses P. Shroff
13 06/02/94 MUMBAI LITTLEOVER The McDowell Indian Derby, Gr.1 R.R. Byramji P. Shroff
14 26/02/94 BANGALORE CAPITAL RISK The Hiriyur Plate, Div.2 D.R. Byramji P. Shroff
15 19/03/94 BANGALORE CAPE STAR The Champion Jockey Trophy, Div.2 R.R. Byramji P. Shroff
16 23/03/94 BANGALORE SAUSALITO The Non-Winners Benefit Plate R.R. Byramji P. Shroff
17 25/03/94 MUMBAI CLASSICO The Ripples Plate B. Chenoy P. Shroff
18 23/04/94 MUMBAI CAPE SUN The Paragon Plate Nirad Karanjawalla P. Shroff
19 28/05/94 BANGALORE CAPITAL RISK The V.G. Ramachandran Memorial Cup D.R. Byramji P. Shroff
20 01/06/94 BANGALORE CAPE DANCE The Kimberley Cup Nirad Karanjawalla P. Shroff
21 04/06/94 BANGALORE TEMPT ME The Kashicharan Memorial Plate N.A. Ponnappa P. Shroff
22 05/06/94 BANGALORE SAFE HOUSE The Tudor Jet Plate, Div.1 R.R. Byramji P. Shroff
23 15/06/94 BANGALORE CAPE STAR The Khalander Memorial Plate R.R. Byramji P. Shroff
24 19/06/94 BANGALORE CAPE DANCE The Black Label Colts Trial Stakes. Gr.2 Nirad Karanjawalla P. Shroff
25 25/06/94 BANGALORE VALIDITY The Harangi Plate R.R. Byramji M. Ravi
26 26/06/94 BANGALORE SEDUCTIVE The Taj Mahal Plate N.A. Ponnappa M. Narredu
27 02/07/94 BANGALORE SIR DICKSON The Royal Calcutta Turf Club Cup D.R. Byramji Aslam Khader
28 02/07/94 BANGALORE TEMPT ME The Ruia Stud Plate N.A. Ponnappa P. Shroff
29 10/07/94 BANGALORE CAPE DANCE The Kingfisher Derby, Gr.1 Nirad Karanjawalla P. Shroff
30 17/07/94 BANGALORE MAXIMILLION The Bangalore St. Leger, Gr.1 R.R. Byramji P. Shroff
31 28/07/94 PUNE ASCENDANT The Quintana Plate B. Chenoy Hanut Singh
32 29/07/94 BANGALORE MILL VALLEY The Jerry Can Salver D.R. Byramji P. Shroff
33 30/07/94 BANGALORE RIVER SIDE The Divine Light Plate Mohan Valavi P. Shroff
34 04/08/94 BANGALORE SINGLE MALT The Littleover Plate, Div.2 N.A. Ponnappa M. Ravi
35 04/08/94 BANGALORE CAPE STAR The Chamundi Hill Cup R.R. Byramji P. Shroff
36 16/08/94 MYSORE ONE UNDER PAR The Paddock Plate Sardar Singh Abhay Singh
37 21/08/94 PUNE CLASSICO The F.D. Wadia Trophy, Gr.3 B. Chenoy Aslam Khader
38 16/09/94 MYSORE ACCOMPLISH The Monsoon Plate R.R. Byramji P. Shroff
39 17/09/94 PUNE STREET DANCER The Concerto Plate Imtiaz A. Sait C. Rajendra
40 28/09/94 MYSORE EXCALIBUR`S STAR The Chief Minister's Gold Cup Mohan Valavi Koyarala
41 02/10/94 HYDERABAD ACCOMPLISH The Classic Milds Deccan Derby, Gr.1 R.R. Byramji P. Shroff
42 05/11/94 BANGALORE JURASSIC PARK The Panchshila Cup R.R. Byramji M.A. Gallagher
43 06/11/94 BANGALORE CAPE STORM The Devarayanadurga Plate Sardar Singh P. Shroff
44 13/11/94 BANGALORE CAPITAL RISK The Karnataka Police Trophy D.R. Byramji Aslam Khader
45 19/11/94 BANGALORE ACCOMPLISH The Ardent Knight Cup R.R. Byramji Aslam Khader
46 27/11/94 BANGALORE ATMOSPHERIC The Taj Stud Plate N.A. Ponnappa P. Shroff
47 27/11/94 BANGALORE CAPE STAR The Huthari Festival Plate R.R. Byramji P. Shroff
48 04/12/94 CHENNAI CAPE STORM The Hindu South India 1000 Guineas, Gr.2 Sardar Singh Warren Singh
49 10/12/94 BANGALORE ALBERTINI The Maiden Plate R.R. Byramji P. Shroff
50 11/12/94 HYDERABAD CAPITAL RISK The Singh & Neutral Stud Farms Golconda 2000 Guineas, Gr.2 D.R. Byramji P. Shroff
51 18/12/94 MUMBAI NIGHT STALKER The Fitna Plate Vinayak M. Narredu
52 18/12/94 CHENNAI ACCOMPLISH The Sans Craines South India 2000 Guineas, Gr.2 R.R. Byramji P. Shroff
53 24/12/94 BANGALORE JURASSIC PARK The Jamuna Plate R.R. Byramji Aslam Khader