Classic Winners Bred
The first crop of horses under the new management were born in 1994 and in a short span of 12 years since taking over Kunigal Stud Farm in 1992, Kunigal has already produced several classic winners all over India. Amongst these is the All Asian Champion (outside Japan), SADDLE UP.

For many years India was no more than a "bit player" on the sidelines of world Thoroughbred Horseracing and Breeding. Restrictive policies meant that the country had failed to exploit her natural advantages, thereby losing out in the world of Thoroughbred exports. Until recently, no one knew how good or bad our horses were. For the two decades of the eighties and nineties, virtually no foreign horse raced on Indian racecourses. Thus, what could have been a valuable yardstick was missing.

Suddenly, in one decisive move, a seven-year-old Indian-bred has unveiled a rich vein of gold on the international circuit, most recently by his game fast-finishing sixth in the Group 1 Hong Kong Cup at Sha Tin on December 16th, 2001. His name is Saddle Up, and we are proud to say he is a Kunigal-bred!

The Future

With a combination of all the perfect ingredients such as abundant space, the most modern facilities, rich and fertile soil, invigorating climate all through the year, excellent bloodlines and professional management, the Kunigal Stud Farm is all set to build upon the mark it has already made, by breeding horses for the international arena. Wouldn't you like to be part of this story?