Kunigal Stud is endowed with an abundance of fertile paddock area with over 400 acres of virgin paddocks, multiple stable blocks and rich soil which allows for excellent pastures as well as fodder farming where Green Oats, Alfa Alfa, Rhodes Grass are grown organically maintaining strict quality controls.

There has been no compromise on the facilities and infrastructure at Kunigal where state-of-the-art diagnostic and surgical equipment has been installed and Veterinarians - appointed through a careful national selection process - have been positioned with strict and carefully monitored technical and management development programmes.

Training facilities include hot-walkers, an enclosed riding school and starting gates. A seven furlong sand track allowing three horses to work abreast was commissioned in April 2007.

Special emphasis is laid on feeding with the best quality of Australian Oats being imported along with feed balancers and supplements. The water filtration plant ensures fresh & pure water at all times.