Dr. Vijay Mallya is and has been one of the most successful owners in Indian racing, having won more than 2000 races including 184 Classic Races. Passionate about his horses and racing, Dr. Mallya, Chairman of the UB Group was responsible for a revival in the fortunes of Indian racing that had lost a lot of its glamour and sheen and returning it to its glory days with his generous sponsorships.

To quote a well known Racing Correspondent.

"One can say without the fear of being contradicted that Indian racing would not have been what it is today but for the colourful presence of Dr Vijay Mallya. He brought glamour, glitz, style, and fashion into the sport. At a time when sponsorship of the sport was cause for frustration to the authorities, he came to their rescue by his generous sponsorship through the UB Group of companies of which he is the Chairman. He kept expanding the scale of support every year. Winning has become a habit while generosity is second nature to him. Indian racing is bound to benefit immensely by his flamboyant presence for years to come."

Dr. Mallya keeps track of the racing program of his horses despite his busy schedule, which sees him in different parts of the globe each day, to oversee his worldwide operations. He makes sure that he is present whenever his horses run in big races and takes great joy in leading them in. His excitement when winning a big race is infectious and though he is close to winning 200 Classics, his enthusiasm has not dimmed.